If you're ready, you're late.

If you are going to do something, do it NOW

Working live television trains you ultimately prepared for showtime, and hold composure during trip-ups, and be able to take action immediately. For most people, sitting in a control room can be nerve-wracking, taking off years of their comfy lives… We do it every night. 

I’ve been working in live television and video for over 10 years. Starting out in college as the general manager of our television station, and producing instructional videos, to working behind the scenes in nearly every aspect of television news. My computer science background has helped bring opportunities to work in different aspects of the television station I wouldn’t normally, like weather production and a start-up company similar to YouTube.

Graphic Artist / Chyron Operator
2/2004 – Present
WLNY-TV New York 55, Melville, NY
·Production duties include digital editing, tape operation, teleprompter and live cameras.
·Create and operate over-the-shoulder boxes, full-screen graphics and supers for News program.

Associate, Original Member
3/2007 – 3/2008
Flix55.com, Melville, NY
·Involved in phases of design and implementation of the start-up video sharing website.
·Edited and encoded videos.

Chyron Operator Fill-in
New York Islanders

General Manager 5/2002 – 5/2003
Programming Director, Photographer 9/2001 – 5/2002
Binghamton Television, Binghamton, NY
Awards include: Student Media Organization Leader of the Year, Student Organization of the Year, Media Organization of the Year, and Most Improved Student Organization of the Year
·Integrated studio with digital editing, digital photography, and multimedia applications.
·Launched sponsorship and commercial advertising programs.
·Trained 70+ apprentices in all areas of television studio operation.

News and Production Intern
1/2003 – 5/2003
NewsChannel 34 WIVT, Binghamton, NY
·Photographer and editor for news team.
·Production duties include creating on-air graphics using Adobe Photoshop.

Control Room Operator, Mentor
9/2001 – 5/2003
EngiNet, Distance Learning Ctr, Binghamton, NY
·Operated studio equipment and audio/video digital recording software to capture lectures.
·Produced online presentations of graduate student lectures.
·Combined audio and video with PowerPoint slides to be viewed on the Internet and CD.

90.5 WHRW

Jeffrey Tastes

Somehow I’ve become notable for my food exploits. I’m just living my food fantasies. My two areas of expertise are Roosevelt Avenue and New York pizza. I believe food is the greatest medium of communication for culture. Also, it is one of the best way for new immigrants to become entrepreneurs. Through my adventures, I am trying to help people understand each other and navigate the world.

Jeffrey Tastes at Iwantmorefood.com
Event Organizer, Writer, Local Guide, Consultant
- Daily News, 3/6/2012, Ethnic Food? It’s a tour thing
- Astoria Times/Jackson Heights Times/CNG, 1/26/12, Schumer, Gillibrand rethink Internet bills
- Queens Tribune, 12/15/11, Holiday Woks and Lox
- Times Newsweekly, 12/15/11, Christmas With An Asian Twist
– Queens Chronicle, Hidden Gems of Queens, 11/17/11, From food carts to old rail lines, tours for all
– Named #2 Kickstarter in Queens by It’s Queens: The Magazine, Fall 2011
– Wall Street Journal, 10/22/11, After Dark, New Worlds
- Subject of Queens Chronicle article, 8/25/11, Touring Queens’ Culinary Melting Pot
– Featured in NY Post, 6/11/11, Insiders Dish on Queens Treats (Woodside)
It’s Queens: The Magazine, Spring 2011 featured in Blogs of Queens
– Quoted in Wall Street Journal, 2/23/11 Queens to Lose Asian Food Court
– Mentioned in Queens Chronicle, 2/10/11, Flushing Mall to make way for more parking
– Quoted in Rat Race Rebellion, 12/9/10, How to Grow a Blog (And Make $) – Tips From Expert Bloggers
Jeffrey Tastes was at Saluggi’s
– Quoted in Viewpoints.com Non-Stick Cookware Dangers: Is Your Cookware Causing Cancer?
– Interviewed on Serious Eats, 6/23/10 Meet & Eat: Jeff Orlick, ‘Food Ambassador’ Coordinator at ‘Jeffrey Tastes’/’I Want More Food’
– Featured in Metro NY, 6/16/10 Jackson Heights serves it up
-Selected as one of NYC’s most influential food writers in the 93 Plates project by the Wandering Foodie
-Featured on Village Voice press clippings for Choice Eats 2009
-Mentioned in Edible Queens’ World’s Fare post Korean Style Chop Suey at Samwongahk
-Mentioned in Queens Times Ledger Article, 1/15/09, New mag eyes Queens cuisine scene

Queens Love
Organizer, Contributor
2/14/12 – Present
– Featured on NY1, 2/23/12

Ambassador Program
1/2010 – Present
Official Site
-Queens Tribune Article, 1/7/10, Food Ambassadors Sought in Queens
-Edible Queens’ World’s Fare post, A Table for 14 at Flushing’s M&T

Real Pizza of New York
iPhone App writer
Launched October 2010
Preview on iTunes
Hidden NYC Apps, Time Out New York, 8/4/11
– Shoutout on Serious Eats’ Slice for Daily Slice: Amore Pizza, 2/10/11
– Featured on Serious Eats, Oct 12, 2010 ‘Real Pizza of New York’ iPhone App Is a Pizza Lover’s Must-Have
– Featured on Village Voice’s Fork in the Road, Oct 12, 2010 Jeff Orlick of the 5-Boro Pizza Tour Launches Real Pizza of New York App
– Featured on Urban Daddy, 10/14/10, An App for the Perfect Pie
Gizmodo iPhone apps 10/15/10
– Pizza With Street Cred, Show and Tell: Real Pizza of NY App for the iPhone

Flushing Mall Grazing Experience
Feb. 19, 2011
– Edible Queens’ World’s Fare Scenes from FluMaGrEx, 2/21/11
– NY Times Diners Journal Weekend Fare, 2/18/11
– Serious Eats NYC Events for the Weekend (and Beyond), 2/17/11 and This weekend’s best bet of the Weekly Newsletter, 2/18/11

First Annual Bronx Pipe Smoking Society Small Game Dinner
Attendee, 1/29/11
NY Press Article (Quoted)
NYT Article
Welcome2Melrose post
Levy’s Unique New York post


Trick or Eat Elmhurst
October 31st, 2010
– Tasting Table’s Weekend Menu
Time Out
– Jauntsetter Escaping in the City: Trick or Eat
Discover Queens
– Plum and Lion blog post
– Serious Eats NYC Food Events for the Weekend (and Beyond)
– Queens Chronicle Grave events for Halloween

Roosevelt Ave Midnight Crawl
August 21, 2010
– Serious Eats NY NYC Events for the Weekend (and Beyond)
– Listed on Tasting Table’s Weekend Menu
– Amateur Foodie Adventures, The Roosevelt Avenue Midnight Food Crawl

Jackson Heights Food Group
10/2008 – 7/2010
Official Site
– The Eaten Path article, The Jackson Heights Food Group: A Meal With My Favorite Neighbors
– Queens.About.com article,
Jackson Heights Food Group Meets and Eats
– Under the 7: The Roosevelt Avenue Project post, Off the Avenue, Down the Alley

2nd Annual Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl
– Edible Queens’ World’s Fare Scenes from the Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl
– Under the 7: The Roosevelt Ave Project, 2010 Roosevelt Ave Street Crawl
– Listed in the June in Jackson Heights mailer

June in Jackson Heights
Restaurant Week consultant, volunteer
June 2010
Official Site
– Press conference covered in Queens Courier, 6/3/10 – Celebrate June in Jackson Heights (pictured)

2010 5-Boro Pizza Tour
Spring 2010
Official site
– Slice on Serious Eats 5-Boro Pizza Tour 2010 Announcement
– Edible Queens’s World’s Fare article, Romancing the Slice Queens Style

Ellis Island exhibit on Queens immigration

Roosevelt Ave Street Food Crawl
November 29, 2009
Queens Times Ledger Article and Pictures
“Crawling for Tacos” Audio slideshow by Kerri MacDonald
Village Voice’s Fork in the Road blog, Save Room for Jeff Orlick’s Roosevelt Avenue Street Food Crawl

5-Boro Pizza Tour
Summer 2009
Covered by Daily News, Queens Chronicle, Queens Tribune and 1010WINS
Daily News Bronx – 9/22/09
Daily News Queens – 9/22/09
Mentioned in Village Voice’s Fork in the Road blog

Jackson Heights Community Journal
Food Journalist

Taste of Jackson Heights Food Festival

Jackson Heights Kids and Film Festivals

Westbury Nathans Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest Promo Event
Producer, 6/2008
Posts about my experiences

Software, Hardware, and Other Technical Equipment

Current Equipment:
CinemaLive HD
CynerG GenCG, NewsScroll
Broadcast Pix System
DPS Velocity Digital Editing System
Google Earth Pro
RVS-424 Switcher
Mackie Onyx 32-4 Mixer
Panasonic DVC Pro AJ-D455
Sony Betacam PVW-2800, BVW-75
Pathfire Digital Media Gateway
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Affects
Adobe Illustrator
Leitch Mediafile
AccuWeather Galileo Weather System
Weather Rider
Autoscript WinPlus 32 Unicode Prompter
Sony Editing Control Unit PVE-500, RM-450
Hitachi Z-2000 U Camera
MS Excel


Adobe Premiere
Super (C) encoder

Binghamton Television Equipment:

Apple iMovie
Nexus Leightronix Controller

EngiNet Equipment:

Real Player Producer
Touch Screen Control System

MicroContacts Equipment:
MS Access


I graduated from Binghamton University in 2003 with a degree in Computer Science.

If I could do it again, I’d go to school in NYC so I could take advantage of the internships. I succeeded socially, and it makes sense that my biggest successes in life after college has been in community organizing.

Binghamton University, State University of New York, Binghamton, NY
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, 2003

Don’t make problems, create solutions.

In 2010, we noticed a problem: Craigslist became too anonymous. The solution was a mixer, Roommates Wanted NYC. We’re getting pretty big.

Japanese Television – El Mundo
- Queens Tribune, 5/5/11 Mix, Mingle, Get an Apartment
– New York Times, 10/01/2010 Mingle, Meet, and Maybe Move In
-Featured in 3/31/2010 Village Voice
Full press listings here


It all matters

I’ve been working nights in television for over 5 years, so I’ve had the opportunity to have lots of other great experiences during the day. All these opportunities have added to who I am, even my first job at Carvel, where I spent 1 day mostly practicing my icing handwriting. I’ve come to terms that my script is the answer to What is your biggest weakness? And that’s fine. I love all the people I’ve met from so many different circles. There’s been so many other angles I’ve explored that I apply in ways you’d never expect.

Help Desk, Enumerator
3/2009 – 9/2009
US Census Bureau, Queens

2/2005 – 2/2006
All-the-Best Records, Woodmere, NY
·Sold rare records and music memorabilia.

Lab Technician – Research and Development
6/2001 – 9/2001
Micro Contacts, Hicksville, NY
·Programmed bench tests to test durability and conductivity.
·Researched and tested carbon fiber for precision electrical components in the automotive industry.
·Documented all tests and findings for group analysis using MS Excel and Access.

9/1999 – Present
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

Community President 6/2001 – 5/2002
Community Vice President 6/2000 – 5/2001
College In the Woods Student Council, Binghamton University
·Created, organized, and worked in teams to carry out the objectives of a community of 1400+ students.
·Organized and ran council meetings of 60+ members.

Les Salonierres
Featured artist, 4/2010

U.S. Census Bureau
Enumerator, IT Department
3/2009 – 9/2009

Shoutout at Otto’s
Featured Poet, May 9th

Phoenix Reading/Open Mic
Featured Poet, May 24th

Review Jam
January 24th & May 9th

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
9/1999 – 2009

All-the-Best Records, Woodmere, NY

College In the Woods Student Council, Binghamton University
Community President
6/2001 – 5/2002

Binghamton Television, Binghamton, NY
Programming Director, Photographer
9/2001 – 5/2002

College In the Woods Student Council, Binghamton University
Community Vice President
6/2000 – 5/2001

Micro Contacts, Hicksville, NY

Lab Technician – Research and Development

6/2001 – 9/2001

Freihoffers Baker Outlet


Don’t judge yourself by other people’s permissions.

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